Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Face off

My neighbor is one of a kind. She is always in a tearing hurry-she will be banging on the door instead of ringing the bell.She will tell me to keep her house keys but not reveal it to the maid as she believes that the maid may be tempted to pick up some stuff from the house when nobody is there.

She told me about investing in a flat nearby & after learning that I went & enquired there,she went about telling all that I have also booked a flat there.This after she had sworn me to secrecy about her investment in that place.She will come & talk to me even though she notices I am on the phone & even when I have guests.

So yesterday,when I heard the banging of my door,I got irritated.I had just started saying my prayers.I reluctantly got up & opened the door.It was my neighbour.She had a plate of flowers -hibiscus,dhruva( green grass cuttings ) & other flowers.She smiled & said ,"Here,this is for your Mangalwar Ganpati puja.We had got this from our factory garden for my daughter's Ganpati puja for today.Take the flowers & return the plate now."I emptied the plate & returned it to her.She took the plate & was gone.

As for me,I asked for forgiveness when I prayed.How often have I judged people & have been proved wrong but I still persist.Hopefully,this incident will make me accept people as they are with their virtues etal.

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octa8on said...

I think that's a great story...keep writing! And a punny title, too!

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