Thursday, June 4, 2009

Of hugs & kisses.

My daughter has this habit of hugging me from the back & holding on to me when she is just falling asleep.I have got so used to it now, that, it has become an addiction.So,when she was not there for a few days,I was unable to sleep & then I realized that I was going through withdrawal symptoms !

Whenever we hit the bed,she tells me to turn - she must face my back & then she hugs me at my tummy with both her hands-the snug feeling which I get is really full of warmth & love ! After she has drifted into sweet slumber,her hands release me but before that, even I have fallen asleep.So, it works both ways.It also works in another way- her hug tells me that she has forgiven me for all the day's shouting & screaming at her antics.

When she was just two to three year old,she had developed this habit of kissing me all over the face when she spotted me in the evening as soon as I landed home after work.She would also kiss her dad but most of the kisses were reserved for me as I was around most of the time.This in spite of the fact that I have been less indulgent as against her dad who is more affectionate & also more forgiving.

As she grew older,she said, that she wanted to kiss on the mouth.I was alarmed & tried to wean her away by informing her that such kissing leads to infection,etc.I felt, that, this was the direct result of watching the idiot box day in & day out.

Later, as she grew up,she graduated to hugging especially, when she sleeps & when she is hurt & sad & needs the feel for security.As depicted in a Hindi flick a hug is a magical embrace.I have fallen in love with her hugs -after all, hugs are healthier than kisses !

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