Friday, June 26, 2009


The Lalgarh episode took me down the memory lane.

I had just completed Law College & I was appearing for some competitive exams.
I would often go & study in my neighbour's home as our house was quite small.My neighbour was a senior lawyer who was a member of a communist party.He would leave for court & I had the house to myself to study.

He would often advise me that I should attend courts also instead of only studying for exams.His idea was only studying was boring & attending courts would give mean overview of the judicial system.Often,I would complain that I was taking so much pains to get a decent job & how things were easy for qualified people in the days gone by.Once,he chided me & said,"Do you call this sacrifice ?"I was stunned & he continued,"Sacrifice is giving up everything for a cause.In the jungles,where Naxalites are operating,when the police raid their hideouts,the Naxalites leave their wives & children so that they can continue working for the cause.Even women leave their kids in the cradles in the jungle whereever they are & flee."I was too stunned to react.I was told that Naxalites were fighting for land & for hunger & I believe,even now,the causes which drives them to fight the State are the same.

I do not approve of the violence used by them to achieve their purpose but the fact that even now,they continue to fight for land is a signal to the nation to address their issues.If as a nation,we want them to embrace non -violence,we must distribute the our assets voluntarily among the have nots.

This has also taught me that I was striving only for myself unlike them who were serving a greater purpose.

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