Saturday, December 12, 2009


Books are very dear to me & I am sure, to many of you.Maybe, more dearer than books are to me.I have a reasonable collection of books.There are a lot more books which I would like to possess but I wonder if I will be able to read them.Moreover space is a big problem -where do I keep the books ?

I have books like Yes Minister,Yes,Prime Minister ,Sudha Murthy's collection of stories,Politically Correct bedtime stories ,one book on Vedic Mathematics,Development as Freedom by Amratya Sen,Laurie Baker by Gautam Bhatia,On Balance by Leila Seth,books by P.G.Wodehouse ,etc.I have read some of the books & some are still to be read.

I have read many comics whilst in school-Phantom,Mandrake,Amar Chitra Kathas & the likes.Later,  I  was in awe of film stars & would lap up all gossip in film magazines but as I grew up,I lost interest in them.In my higher secondary,I would borrow Nancy Drew ,Hardy boys,etc   from the well equipped school library & ; read them in one stretch.Later,I discovered , Agatha Christie,Sherlock Holmes,etal which survives to this day.But I have also developed an interest for humour as well.That is why, I consider, the Yes Minister & Yes Prime Minister as classic books-the satire & sarcasm is really applaudable.In fact,I have enjoyed the reading of the books more than watching the televised series.At one roadside stall,I even glanced, at the Indian version titled,"Ji Mantriji" .I wish I had brought it then.I will try to buy that one as soon as I can.I still remember, the Desi  televised version "Ji Mantriji " starring Farooq Shaikh as the  helpless Mantriji .It was very well made .

I have tried to inculcate in my daughter, a love for reading books but have drawn a blank, so far.I got many books for her but, she insists, that I read & tell her stories, even now, that ,she is more than nine years old.So,I have stopped buying books for her- at least, for the time being.I have given away books as return gifts on a few  of her birthdays as I feel, that reading is a worthy habit .But my daughter pleads with me all the time,"Mama,no books please."She tells anyone & everyone  who asks her about her choice of a gift that except books,she will like everything ! I wonder, when she will start her love affair with books ? !

But a local library has manged to attract her.As ,the charges are quite unreasonable,I have forbidden my daughter from joining it.I have told her that she can join the library after she finishes reading all the books got for her at home.She has not asked about joining the library again.So,I failed ,yet again, in getting her to read.

My blogging & household  chores leave me little spare time in which I can read books now.I know,I am the loser, as I have to read more to enrich myself.Books have helped me so far, in making my life interesting by informing me about a variety of subjects.Even, my  blogging, is a result of my ideas formed by reading books.So,if ,I want to attract more readers to my blog,I better start reading books with renewed vigor .

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