Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Going green ...

Now that a deal has been somehow managed at Copenhagen,how about all of us,doing our bit for greening this planet ?

Well,I have been at it since ages-only, it has become the in thing now.I always used to switch off lights when not in use or when they were  not needed.Yes,you guessed correctly- I do wear glasses but then the two are not related.

My dad joins me in this- in fact,he is the one, who took the lead in this.He never switches on the fan unless it is .unbearably hot.He feels hot only when he switches on the fan &  he starts sweating as the  running fan reminds him of the spiralling  electricity bill ! I also ape my dad in this respect, but, not completely.Moreover,I feel a stationary fan gathers less dust & so I have to do less of cleaning up ! So,you see, that this is pro -green as also good for relaxation -when you work less,you relax more !

I try to carry a bag whenever I go shopping- cloth bag .It is advisable, so that I can tell the shopkeeper to put the items in my bag rather than he handing the items to me in a plastic bag which is manufactured of a micron value less than allowed under the law for the same.Hence, such bags are all anti green .

I have also started using water wisely-I use the water to wash rice & the same water I reuse to wash dal & again reuse to wash the veggies daily.I am doing this for purely selfish reasons ! The Municipal   bulletins  on the water scarcity in my city  have scared me to the hilt to take drastic corrective measures to conserve water !

I also walk to nearby places like when I go shopping for groceries ,medicines ,toiletries as they are all available locally.I walk as this saves money,is  healthy & does not leave a carbon footprint ! What more could I ask for ? For the same reason ,I do not own a vehicle.I prefer public transport over autos & taxis.
I separate wet trash & dry trash so as to ease  garbage disposal.I use both sides of paper & read many things on the net . I recycle old clothes by passing it on to my maids,milkman,etal.I also use less of soap & detergents so that less water is needed.Moreover,the chemicals in the detergents & soaps cause more harm than good.Obviously, they add to the pollutants in the atmosphere making it unhealthy.

I have lessened my visits to hotels & restaurants as the food there makes me sick with  indigestion.Moreover,the method & ingredients used are all suspect.Compared to that, home cooking is clean,fresh , delicious & obviously healthy ! Moreover,I have discovered that I am a good cook so much so, that I have uploaded  my recipes on to  my blog !

I chide my kid also to use paper economically .I tell her that it is wise to be economical in habits as many more can use our scarce resources  & that too for a longer period .
I have learnt that being economical with habits is being green -which is the need of the day now.Thankfully,I have always  economized which appeared like miserliness to others but then ....in this age of spiraling prices,it pays to be thrifty .Thriftiness translates into going green - what a wonderful double whammy !

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priyanka's said...

Congratulations for ur 100th post !!!

wish u many more centuries to come :)

i love to read ur blogposts... :)

i love the way uve enlisted the lil things we can do to counter climate change better than those ppl negotiating for hours and sleeping on their tables in the Copenhagen summit..

May be u shd send them also a copy of this.

priyanka :)

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