Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Scintillating !

I watch a comedy show on the weekends on the idiot box.I was looking forward to the grand finale on the evening of 19th August.IndiBlogger had organised The Nokia Apptasting IndiBlogger Meet at Taj Land's end ,Bandra that very evening.I was in two minds - to attend or miss.My kid was insisting that we attend.So we went & well ,I enjoyed it because the sparkling wit & humour more than made up for the Grand finale which I missed  ! It was a bonus !

The setting was five star ,all thanks to IndiBlogger  team & Nokia  & obviously Taj Land's end ,in the queen of suburbs,Bandra,Mumbai ! The hosts ,tech analyst Rajiv Makhni & Michelin Starred Celebrity  Chef  Vikas Khanna were so perfect & down to earth that we all ,bloggers felt completely overwhelmed !

The warmth of the hosts,the superb ambience ,the presenters -all in all, a Scintillating event ! We all laughed so much that we were stress free for those many hours !

The onion cutting technique - a French one  introduced by Vikas Khanna was really simple .It made me wonder, why didn't we think of it before ! Rajiv Makhni simplified the  apps for those all who were not so tech savvy like yours truly !

The quiz round revealed some interesting bits of information.The onion halwa made at Khajuraho ,the temple town.Now, we  know why the sculptures in Khajuraho are erotic  -the scupltors devoured onion halwa as they sculpted away.Nokia is the biggest manufacturer of digital cameras  -all included in their fabulous mobile phones  ! Rasam is undoubtedly the national soup of India, as revealed by Chef Vikas Khanna.As the quiz ended,we were all jealous of the winners as they won Nokia lumia phones ! We all felt that we as audience deserved them more than the winners !

To indulge the audience ,Nokia vide its Director,Communications, Poonam Kaul announced this contest wherein we could blog about the event of the evening & win Nokia Pure View if declared the best & Nokia Lumia for the follow ons at second & third positions !

IndiBlogger celebrated its fifth anniversary at the event & it showed that IndiBlogger has been able to garner the best of the worlds ! May IndiBlogger thrive & rise further up to reach the skies & beyond ! Happy B'day ,IndiBlogger -the meet was a worthy b'day bash !

Well ,this snap of me & my daughter flanked by Vikas Khanna & Rajiv Makhni is just to recall that we were indeed present at the fabulous event ! 

So ,I decided to blog about it through this post .My blog post cannot truly  reflect the chuckles  we had as we participated by being there clapping ,looking ,cooking ,chopping,seeing & believing that we were indeed there !

Before I close,I would like to state that wine overflowed though we were too drunk on the wit & humour of the event to even take a sip of the wines !

Thank you IndiBlogger,Nokia & Tech Guru Rajiv Makhni & Master Chef Vikas Khanna for making this meet, the most memorable ever !

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