Thursday, November 29, 2012

Book Review :The Edge of the Machete

Abhisar Sharma, a senior  anchor with Aaj Tak has written books earlier. He has won the highest award for journalism in India -the Ramnath Goenka  Indian Express award for his book "Lal Masjid Ka Safed Sach."

In this book "The edge of the machete",by Westland books ,he tries to weave a tale, on what could have transpired in Pakistan.It is a fictional account which rings true.

This is a gory tail of the jihadis ,the Indian journalist Rahul Sharma,Ed Gomez,a  CIA operative ,a white Muslim,Shahid Khan.It is also the story of how youngsters like the dreaded Aamir Sherzai are indoctrinated into fighting for jihad.

There are so many organisations fighting for jihad that it becomes difficult to keep track of them. The  the terrorists, their bosses, the ISI ,the Pakistan establishment all have their own agendas. They would like the world to believe that the jihad is being fought for Muslims though all the parties are in it only for power. It is just power play though disguised to show that it is against Kafirs.

Ed Gomez ,the CIA operative has infiltrated the terrorist outfit, to avenge the death of his buddy, Jason who was butchered in Pakistan by Aamir Sherzai.Ed Gomez has an alter ego, which he is unable to shake off as he progresses further in his plans towards completion. Ed is unsure if he will save himself from being killed in this war of wars or be caught like Jason.

The white Muslim, Shahid Khan has joined the terrorists to reclaim his faith. He feels wronged by the West. He is unable to mix with the jihadis, whose cruelty is limitless. He is in a dilemma. He wants to remain a true Muslim & is unable to follow the commands of terrorists who suspect his intentions.

Rahul Sharma who wants a big story, is sucked into this war after being captured by militants. His wife & mother pine for him. The journalist becomes the news, in this gripping tale.

Aamir is a sadist, as he is in love with his machete which must taste blood every now & then. The crux of the story is how the CIA plan & try to further their agenda on friendly soil, in Pakistan.

The tale is overflowing  with accounts of capture ,savagery & cunningness. The cruelty is very appalling & makes us hate all militants. I felt like stopping reading, as I encountered such details of pain & unimaginable goriness. I feel that women readers may  feel extremely uncomfortable reading  accounts of mindless torture.

This book does present a realistic picture of Pakistan, where, the Government does seem powerless .The reins are in the hands of   many, who have anything, but Pakistan in mind. It shows that power is an end in itself & it corrupts all so much so that nothing remains the same anymore.

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