Sunday, February 24, 2013

A dream job ? !

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I gave up my job reluctantly about five years ago.Since then ,every moment ,I have felt useless for wasting my education & experience of working for more than 15 years.It has been quite painful.I am angry with everybody & with my own self to have squandered away a job in the Government.I am nostalgic about how I was assisted & pampered by so many while I was on duty.I crave to dress for office & leave hurriedly as I was doing while I had that job.

Hence ,I joined some sites which were offering  part time jobs & work from home options.I applied for one in  a company which was involved in online networking.I was recruited for posting comments on various sites as the interviewer felt that since I was a blogger,I would find this job a breeze.I felt it too.I asked time before I could say yes to the job offer.My heart was saying "Yes " but my head was saying "No".My heart was in the  mood to take the job offer as I felt that at last, I was getting this opportunity of working & that too from home ! What wonderful piece of luck ! I would get paid for doing it though the pay was not much.Moreover ,it was part time work - just four hours per day.This was going to be easy as I would get enough time to take care of my kid & even cook & do other household chores.I just couldn't believe that this was a win win situation.

My brain was in a cautionary mode.It reminded me that often the offer is too attractive & then things go downhill.It was an online job- suppose ,my laptop went kaput.What if the net was down, when I must be online ? Moreover ,I was not on any job since I had left work & so was I ready, to take on a job after a gap ? I was getting unsure about accepting the offer.

In this tug of war between the heart which said "Yes" & the  mind which said "No ",I let the heart win.I accepted the job offer.I went after the job with loads of enthusiasm.

I worked hard.I commented as I was told & penned very positive comments.I enjoyed reading new blogs .My boss seemed fine with my work initially.Slowly & surely ,she expected more.She increased the workload.I took on another identity as I did not want to leave my imprint on many sites where I commented on behalf of my employer.Moreover,I had to complete an excel sheet about my work.Very soon,my boss was getting cross with me.Then it was time for payment.She went back on her word & paid me less as she opined that I hardly knew anything about working online.I took this in my stride.

Next month onwards,I started observing that the four hours of work had slowly stretched to seven hours.Moreover ,my boss was finding fault /s with my work.Then she asked me about a blog post she had to do for a client.I gave her some ideas.The same ideas were later posted  in the blog post. I felt cheated.She could have told me to pen down that blog post & I would have done it willingly.No ,she asked my ideas & wrote them as her own.I felt, that I had had enough.

The salary was due & I talked to her.I said that I was neglecting my kid because of the job & would like to quit.She was not pleased & did allow my resignation as she felt that I was too slow a learner.She told me that I am not inclined to learn.

I learnt the hard way that my head was right.I have kept away from online & work from home options after that offer.I am wary & would like others to be aware of such offers.Do research & then only accept the offer.Also have no expectations.Moreover slaving at such jobs is worse than slogging at home for the family ! At least, there is love & respect at home ! So listen to  the head & let the brain decide.

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