Sunday, February 10, 2013


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I had met her through my cousin sister.She was working for a sister concern of the company wherein I had got employed.She was my senior.She was a simple girl who loved to dress in hand woven clothes & khadi. Slowly & surely ,our friendship blossomed  Perhaps,we had much to gossip about our office cultures which were similar.

We would both go for khadi & handicraft sales together & buy stuff which we admired.This was on holidays.Other days ,we would exchange notes on telephone & as & when we met on the way to our offices.We would catch up on movies together & yet it was rare.

I suggested to her that I was eager to watch the black & white movie " Tere Ghar Ke Saamne " .She had a VCR.She opined that she will get it & we could watch it at her home.I was unsure about this, as she told me that she had seen it before.I felt that I would enjoy watching it & she would get bored as she had seen it before.She saw that I was reluctant ,"You want to see the movie- so I am going to get it home & you are coming to watch it ."I was overwhelmed.I said ,"I love you." Our friendship became stronger by the day .

She always found time to spend with me, no matter how she was tied up.Once, my parents went to another town to attend a wedding.My friend  came & stayed with me for a whole week till my parents returned.

She got married & left for abroad.When I realised that I will not be able to meet her as before when she goes abroad,I sat & cried my heart out.

We no longer meet as much as we would like to .Yet , memories linger & my eyes get moist.I feel so loved & so cared for ! We keep in touch by email.She makes it a point to meet me as & when she visits India.Distances hardly matter when hearts are just a heartbeat away !


Shail said...

Memories have to do for friends who reside far away. Lovely read.

Pooja Priyamvada said...

wow ...such relationships spread warmth even by a mere mention!

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