Saturday, February 16, 2013

Writing is sharing.

In college,I wrote an article for the college magazine.Later, I wrote to the press, some  letters on some topics .They got published.Naturally ,I was on the moon ! Seeing my name in print was so overwhelming ! The two minutes of fame, just spurned me on !

After I left my job,I took to blogging.amidst cooking & caring for my little daughter . Initially ,my blog posts were just about readable.As time passed,they got better.This is my opinion.I would like to believe, that I have improved or rather, my writing has improved though readers are few & far between .Most of the times,I read & re read - not to edit - just to increase views of the blog posts ! I have read many other blogs & they are indeed better than mine.With such people around,I know I have to continue viewing my blog posts as before !

I joined some blogging networks so that some one will read my blog posts .And yet, my blog failed miserably.I am not the one to give up easily.Slowly ,I started taking part in blogging contests.I haven't won a single blogging contest so far. I believe, others need those prizes more than me -that way, my magnanimity is limitless.I was quite impressed by the food blogs & started one of my own.Still success has eluded my blog/s or rather my writing on food &ampfor quite some time; for that matter ,even on any topic.

And its hilarious to admit ,that though my near & dear ones love the recipes that are  posted on the food blog, my teenager has yet, to warm up to the food cooked by me !!!!! And as if that was not enough , I have competition at home .My  teenager's skills are way above mine much ahead of me ! Though, I would love to, take credit , that her writing skills were inherited though   honed by herself !

I have links on my blog through which the readers can connect to NGOs like Akshaypatra,Sunitha Krishnan's Prajwala,etc.This is purely for selfish reasons, as I feel ,that those who search for the said NGOs may, by chance, stumble on to my blog once in a while !

Writing helps me stay calm & reflect on my thoughts.That is why ,I continue writing though others seem  hardly affected by my ideas.Writing to me is  being #MomAndMore.Writing is  sharing  my viewpoint ,my ideas & my creativity with others.Writing is a vent, through which I express  my anger,angst ,happiness, joy, et al to the world at large.

Writing on a subject means ,I must know something .This means, I must have read about that topic.So writing keeps me connected to reading.Unless I read much ,I don't think I can write.Yes,I know,I need to read much more ,before my writing can catch eyeballs.

I have made some inroads now .As my writing and blog posts have been published  online on ,Better India ,Counter Currents ,Women's Web , et al .This means that my writing is getting visible though it is as yet ,honorary.To make it pay, I need to work hartder & write even better .

I will continue writing till my hands are willing & my mind wants to.In this age of social networking ,I must continue"Like"ing,'Comment"ing & "Share"ng .This liking ,commenting & sharing sums up writing !Whenever anyone likes my blog posts,I  know my ideas have struck a chord.Comments on my blog posts inform that readers agree & sometimes disagree with my thoughts .Sharing of my blog posts means that the readers felt that my blog posts ought to be shared .For these reasons alone ,I think ,I need to continue pushing the letters on the keyboard !Because I am #MomAndMore 

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