Friday, April 18, 2014

Phone call

Sia  & Sudha met the  Maths teacher  in school . The teacher chided Sia ," You talk too much in class.Your chatting is disturbing others."

 Sia mumbled,"Sorry,Sir ".Then, they went to meet the teachers of the various subjects. She had fared better. No other teacher opined that Sia talked a lot.

They returned home in an auto. All along, Sudha kept on nagging Sia to pay attention in class & talk less.

Sia left for her dance class in the evening. Sudha sat thinking. Was Sia a chatterbox, who was talking so much, that  teachers &  classmates were distracted ? Sia was an extrovert . Sia would make friends in a jiffy. Friends, who would confide in her, within seconds. Sia's classmates & friends were welcome at  home, all the time. Sudha would buy ice creams .Sometimes , sandwiches would be ordered from the neighbourhood bakery . .

The phone was ringing. Sudha picked it up."Can I speak to Sia ,please ? " “Sia is in her dance class.Who is this ? "Sudha queried."I am Avani" . the call ended. Later ,the phone rang again. It was Avani .Sudha suggested ," Avani , call Sia on her mobile .Any message for Sia ?””No ,Aunty,." The line disconnected.

By eight ,Sia was home.Sia freshened up.She sat down to dine, fiddling with her mobile .Sudha sat besides her .Sudha  asked,"Sia ,who is Avani ? " Sia kept mum.Sudha raised her voice ,"Who is Avani ? She  called twice.She refused to tell anything." Sia, answered," Ma,why do you have to scream ? Avani is my classmate.She is in my dance class also. " 

The phone rang .Sudha picked up the receiver,"Hello,I am inspector Pant calling.Has Avni  been calling ? "  Oh God ! This was  just like what they show on crime serials on the idiot box,The police have traced a call to her home ,Sudha opined.

"Madam, did Avni call ? ",the inspector repeated ."Yes,Avni called ." "Is there a boy in   your house ? " "No .I have a 13 year old daughter ,"Sudha replied."Call her .I want to speak ,"the inspector ordered.Sudha mumbled,"Yes,"

Sudha called”Sia , There’s a  call for you .It is the police .They are asking about Avni ." Sia spoke,"Hello,yeah Avni is my classmate." Sia continued ," Avni wants money from  me.I said that I do not have any ." Sia resumed "Yeah,I will let you know ." She kept down the receiver.

"Ma, Avni has left her home.. Avni needs Rs  3000/ to Rs 5000/- in cash .I told her , I don’t have it. " "And this, you are telling me ,now ?”Sudha screamed."Sia replied calmly ,”Yeah,so ? " Sudha asked,"Why does she want the money ? " " Avni wants to go to Bhopal  to meet that boy.”

Sudha was dumbstruck. Her teenager had divulged now ( was this the complete story or was there more to it ? ) as there was this call from the police..

Sudha  queried,"Who is this boy  ? " Sia replied ,"Someone, she met online." Sudha found it strange .”Really ,why does she have to meet him in Bhopal ?" " Because,he is unwell." Sudha thought to herself that Avni's parents must be sick with worry & Avni wants to run to  someone in Bhopal ! 

Sudha demanded,"Avni's parents know this ? "Sia said,"No idea ." Sudha was boiling over now,"Really Sia,you are the limit.Please call up her parents." 'Ma,I do not have their home  phone number.The police called, as parents have complained.So they know, by now."The coolness, with which Sia was answering made Sudha shudder ! 

The phone rang again. Sia picked it up."Yeah ,fine.I will try ."Sia kept down the phone."The police,"Sia informed ,"they said, that I must call  up Avni & tell her that I am ready to give her cash.Then ,inform the police that she will come to take the cash."

Sudha wondered ,how close are  Avni & Sia ? Till that day,Avni’s name had never been mentioned by Sia.Avni had never been to Sia ‘s home .

Sia texted Avni.Then,Sia called Avni .Avni picked up the phone."Sia here,Avni.I can give you Rs.3000/ will you take it ?.Fine,we  will meet near the school gate in fifteen minutes." Sia disconnected.She told  Sudha,"Ma,I need Rs 3000/- “Sudha said,"This is only for police to catch up with Avni . Why cash ? " "Ma,please, !" Sudha handed cash to Sia who put it in her small backpack.

The phone rang .Sia picked it up, "Hello,yeah.I have called Avni to the school gate.I am coming there in 15 minutes." Sia disconnected. Sudha grabbed her purse & joined Sia with her tiny backpack.

Sia & Sudha hailed an auto & it sped towards the school.Sudha asked,"Sia when  did Avni tell you about her running away ? " "Ma,she told me  today.
.Hardly anybody talks to Avni in class.I talk to her." They were   near the school.They got down &  started walking.They saw a police jeep.Someone called,"Sia".One policeman was standing nearby.He asked,"You are Sia ? " Sia nodded  "I am inspector Pant. Avni's dad is here  Thank you !.We got Avni.She is in this jeep." Sia nodded. Inspector Pant asked Sia,"Can we drop you home ? " Sudha had walked near the jeep by then.Sudha said,"I am Sia's mom.We will go home by ourselves." 

Avni had shared with  Sia .Sia had dared to care for Avni..Sia had shared information with the police .That is what saved Avni !

Sudha realised that as a mother, she must dare to care & to share . She must transform, to become a friend to her teenage daughter ! Sudha knew that her daughter Sia was a chatterbox. Her chatting up Avni ,had  saved Avni .

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Suzy said...

Thanks goodness she was a chatterbox and thank goodness Sia's mom understood the importance of communication. Nice story.

Afshan Shaik said...

Good to know that Sia was able to save Avni from the impending danger. I keep hearing many such "REAL" stories

JANU said...

I remember this story. Well done Avni. said...

Thank you,Suzy ! Yes,communication is the key to everything. said...

Thank you,Afshan ! Nowadays, many such accidents happen,as you rightly pointed out. said...

Thank you,Janaki!

Nabanita said...

Oh thank God she was able to save her!

P for Petrified-Random Thoughts Naba said...

Thanks Nabanita !

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