Monday, April 28, 2014

Xerox case

I came across this case, last year when I was casually scanning the newspaper.This relates to Delhi University.There is a  photocopier attached to  Delhi University  named Rameshwari photocopy services.The said shop   extracts course materials  from copyrighted text books .This extracted material is compiled & made available to students. The publishers  ( Oxford ,Cambridge & Francis & Taylor ) have sued the Delhi University & Rameshwari Photocopy services for infringement of copyright.

This has sparked a huge debate.Students & lawyers argue that the Indian Copyright act provides exemption in cases where 10 % of the copyrighted material is used for purposes of education. Publishers  argue that this  is piracy per se.The Federation of Indian Publishers ( FIP ) is saying that Indian Reprographic Rights Organization ( IRRO ) has a solution.The Universities & institutes need to apply for a license which allows them to legally photocopy copyrighted material.The license fee is just Rs 12000/- per year.Yet,many argue that IRRO solution is unacceptable.Firstly, because the exception in the Indian Copyright act does not say that license is mandatory  for photocopying copyrighted material.Secondly ,IRRO cannot give a total & inclusive   license  as it is not the only copy right holder of all educational material.

This case was filed in August,2012.In October,2012, Delhi High Court granted a stay  in favour of the publishers.The course material cannot be produced as per the interim order.A student body has been formed, by the name of Association of Students for Equitable Access to Knowledge ( ASEAK ) to defend the rights of students.

No final order has been passed.Students say, that all cannot pay for high costs of materials & hence, photocopying is valid. Publishers  argue, that in a country, where parents are ready & willing to pay lakhs to send their wards to Universities,why can't some amount be paid for copyrighted material.The debate continues.

The decision in this  case, is going to have a huge impact on photocopying   in our nation where we go  to Xerox oops  ( Xerox is a brand )  photocopy documents regaularly.Come to think of it ,walking to  & fro  the photocopier everyday, is  a good exercise.Photocopying is our national past time.For those, who find it impossible, to take out time to walk ,walking to get photocopies done is the best option....killing two birds with one stone.Or multitasking !

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Prathima Rao said...

Photocopying of textbooks is certainly an infringement. Am sure no author would like to lose out on the revenue. That's an interesting case you presented. Why are the college / public libraries not stocking up enough of these books and allow the students to borrow them?

Vasudha Rao said...

Thank you,Prathima.What you have said is right.Yet even the University would like to cut costs & earn revenue !

Afshan Shaik said...

Today my post is linked to Xerox too however urs is reality mine is fiction . Mine also starts with a story where a girl can't afford to buy the original text book. I didn't even know about the case. I find it silly as PHOTOCOPYING and studying is not plagiarism or copy right infringement. Hope it gets resolved

Cynthia Rodrigues Manchekar said...

I read about this some time ago. Photocopying has been a life saver for many a student. Not everyone can afford to buy the expensive books. On the other hand, it seems a shame that the authors should lose out on all that revenue. Of course, most of the students photocopy the material only for the exams and promptly sell the botes to the raddiwalla after the exams.

Vasudha Rao said...

I read your story, Afshan ! This case is indeed interesting .Let's wait & watch as it unfolds.

Vasudha Rao said...

Thanks,Cynthia ! Some students have to do with photocopied material. Yet,it may be violation of copyright.

Jean said...

This must be very frustrating. In the United States, one of my friends has a student who is younger, but they are already fighting a similar money problem -- although not exactly the same. It is definitely not the same in the legal sense. However it is still a hard situation.
They are not allowed to purchase used books for class. They are required to buy new books and the costs are sky high! Thank you for the interesting and compelling entry. jean

Vasudha Rao said...

Thank you,Jean!This is what deters many from studying.In the USA,I feel ,all costs are two high except food perhaps.

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