Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bosses & Colleagues.

Bosses are intimidating & colleagues are co workers.But not necessarily so .Sometimes,bosses are better than friends & co-workers worse than enemies.

I had a colleague who was very IT savvy .I was a novice in the suburban office.It was this  guy, who taught me all that was to learn about IT .This led to a lot of heated exchanges with others in the office who opined that he was favoring me over them for no reason.My parents went abroad & my daughter was kept in creche .I was thinking aloud about taking a long leave from office.My colleague stated that he will create conditions so that I could leave office at the dot to be with my daughter.He also told me that he will arrange for medical certificates in case,no one was ready to oblige me in emergencies.It was only due to his assurance that I attended office regularly till my parents returned as my colleague fully supported me as promised.

As against this,my boss then, in that office was a short tempered person who wanted all his staff to be workaholics. .He used to have a set of keys of the safe box wherein all the daily cash collected by the office as insurance premium was kept .I used to have another set of the same keys in my capacity as the in charge of the safe.Once,my daughter fell ill.I rang up my boss to inform that I will be taking off as my kid was unwell.I requested him to bring his set of cash keys to office.He started screaming on the phone itself & told me that he will not look for his set of keys & that it was my duty to get  the safe keys to  office.I somehow managed to get the set of keys delivered to office through my hubby but this episode left a  very bitter taste.

In the same office,some of my lady co workers would work overtime & expect my department  to close down the office including taking backup of the IT work.We tried to tell them that they either wind up early or learn to do back up operations but they always feigned that they were too overloaded to look into all these trivial issues .Moreover,our boss always supported them, as they, worked in departments where palms were always greased to allow  lubrication.This always led to situations wherein I was in office as late as dinner time along with a peon for company who always bored me with stories of ghosts of ex-staff members stalking the office !
In the city office,I had another boss who was very empathetic.As I was transferred to another city,he was sympathetic & goaded me to continue in service.He also came to my residence to deliver a certificate to facilitate my absence from work.He was terribly upset when I tendered in my resignation.I had hardly any options left as  my paid leave was being denied & sick leave needed to be certified.I felt, that I was misusing the goodwill of my ex-boss for my selfish need of medical leave .Moreover,my new boss was leaving no stone unturned to insult  me day in & day out.This I was unable to handle & hence,I gave up the job.My new colleagues had just begun knowing me & fully supported me but fate had other plans.

 I have fond memories of peons   who would take up cudgels on my behalf in front of superiors.I can also recall that some  bosses   tried to shift me because they wanted to settle some scores among themselves.In short,some bosses & colleagues are occupational hazards while other bosses & co workers  are like the icing on the cake !

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This piece leaves me foxed. After all even in our Defense services there are Bosses and Colleagues- good, bad & indifferent. I'd heard of Russian working conditions being bland & predictable to the last syllable. How can Indian co-workers be all same [and tame as well]? We have some who pray in Office hours and others who make others pray while in office. We work with some who never bother to finish tasks and also some who finish tasks simply to bother others. From another angle, we have those who PRAY only while in office and their counterparts, who PLAY only while in office. So much for their way or style of working.
As far as 'Inter-Personal Relations' go, we meet ones who don't ever talk and many more who make others talk (in hush hush) about them for ever... even long after they have 'gone' elsewhere. Here we can't afford to GENERALIZE but you'll meet some who think themselves to be GENERALS in the spirit [not Ethanol, mind you] of a designation. Once there was a Chief Election Commissioner who, after superannuation, ran for President's post not as much to win and rule b....y Indians, but just to make a point that 'In a Democracy unanimously elected Heads of State don't deliver.' He sure had a point there.
Well, one could go on and on but the crux of the matter is, even Mother Nature tried out a lot & made 5 fingers of each hand unlike one another, just because they HAD TO DELIVER, after all.

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