Monday, March 8, 2010

International Women's day

Today, is that day of the year, again when we all celebrate womanhood.It is worth noting that there is a need to recognise the many facets of females only one day every year -it is as if it has been thurst on all mankind nah on all of us ! Just goes to show that we go about our daily lives being indifferent about the pitiable condition of women.So,we have one day when we say all good things about ladies to forget or better still do all that we can so that women remain at the bottom of the social ladder.

This year finally the Women's reservation bill may become law.But does this mean that women will have better laws,better conditions in a patriarchal society as ours ? Maybe yes & maybe no. Yes,some women who are truly representative of the females in our society will strive harder in Parliament to make conditions better .There will be many others who will be just representing their husbands,sons,fathers,etc in Parliament & will have no voice of their own.Moreover,one women ruling the nation does not mean that all women have been liberated.If this was so,all the Indian women would have gone places as we had a woman as the Prime Minister at the roost for so many years.Now,also we have a woman not as the Prime Minister but as the King Maker but witness how even she has to crack a whip for presence of her MPs for the  passage of the Women's bill.But as something is better than nothing,this bill is worthy .

A lot of schemes supposedly  to  benefit women  will be announced by all -the government,the private sector et all only to be forgotten tomorrow as we all have very short  memories ,especially the men .If all such plans had really been implemented as declared,we would all have been in a better condition by now.This just proves that there is no follow up or even if there is ,it is all half hearted.

Crimes against women are on the rise-especially rape,trafficking,prostitution etc .For this,the police need to be sensitvised but nothing is being done.Girls as small as nine years old are being raped,molested & sold off all over our nation. But we all turn a blind eye.The least we can do is report any of our suspicious about a child being trafficked to the authorities.But the authorities must also be empathetic & not make the complainant pay for lodging a complaint.

Women's day is basically an urban phenomena.There are millions of women in rural areas who have no idea of this.So,they continue to do as they work daily like walking longer more than yesterday for fetching water & fuel for keeping the home fires burning.They also work for wages lesser than men in the fields.Moreover,they work at home as well.Today only a survey reported in Hindustan Times reveals that more than half of men want the woman only to do cooking in addition to earning .No,this doesn't shock any female.This just confirms our suspicions that men will remain always MCPs.

For the women who are extremely poor ,adivasi women,handicapped,deserted,divorced,raped,this day of March has no significance.So,the only option for us is to help another female on any day or assist in whatever way we can so that we can all  survive as a team.Womanhood will then be all about sisterhood.


Secured People to People lending - P2P Lending said...

Women do not get the respect they deserve because of the perception of the men.

This is fuelled up by a lot of things-i will stress on one such factor - movies , which shows near nude heroins gyrating all the time!

What effect it has on the masses is not required to be detailed.What with wolf whistles and eve teasing on the rise only fanned by such media effec. So can we say that a woman herself is an enemy of Woman

I pray to the Great Almighty that such women actors refrain from doing such movies only for money and dancing to the pervert senses of men on this Women's and uplift themselves

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Thanks for sharing this, Vasudha. It's so true about Woman's Day being a urban woman's phenomenon. I wish we could do more to empower other women.

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