Saturday, January 19, 2013

Taklu mom

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The alarm rang.I put it off.Got up & went into the bathroom & looked into the mirror .I screamed ! This was shocking ! How could this happen to me ? Really ,that was somebody else in the mirror.I looked again.It was someone who had my lips,my eyes,nose,ears with the familiar ear rings & yet it was not me.It had no hair.Completely bald.This was horrific.I hesitatingly lifted my hands & touched my hair.There was no hair.I felt my cold fingers on my bald head.This was just too much.What was I supposed to do ? Moreover ,I distinctly remembered having hair last night.Suddenly ,I can't lose hair in one night.

Yet,I went to see if my hair was lying on my pillow.Not that I could weave it back to my head.Just to make sure.I checked my pillow & my bed.No hair.Not even a strand.This was impossible.Then ,i glanced at the stand near my bed.It was full of medicines- Ayurvedic,Homeopathic,Allopathic,Herbal etal.It all came back to me.I had got some scabs on my head- I would scratch & remove them.They kept on spreading.I sought help from my family doctor.She said that this was a mild infection & would go away.She prescribed a medicated shampoo & some pills.She told me to desist from scratching the scabs.I am regular with pills & shampoo & also with scratching. So in effect,nothing improved.My mom suggested homeopathy.I tried that & my problem persisted. Every time ,I scratched,I removed the scab & some hair which was trying to grow .I just couldn't control my hands from scratching the scab & removing it while it was getting healed.The healing remained incomplete .Scabs had now spread to half of my head.I now turned towards Ayurveda.I scratched whenever I was bored,depressed or just like that.Since Ayurveda failed to heal my scabs,I took herbal medicines as I felt that I must try all before I give up.This when I refused to give up scratching my head.No avail.I was continuously losing hair through all treatments.That was not due to any medicines or shampoos.It was due to my addiction to scratching the scabs.My hair had thinned considerably.Now ,it had gone completely.How was I to face the world ? I have short hair-correction , I had short hair.Still ,I had hair & now it was not there.

What if my near & dear ones asked me ? What would be my reply ? There were many, who believed that I had nothing in my head,only hair to cover it up.Now, even that was gone ! What about my daughter ?She will address me as Taklu mom,I was sure.  I was sweating profusely now.I must calm down.I needed a glass of water.I got up & realized  that this was  a dream. Thank God, for small mercies !

Wait ,it was something, which was waiting to happen as I am indeed suffering from  a mild scab infection.I have been scratching day in & out.I decided, that this was enough,.I must stop.This nightmare of a dream was the motivation ,I needed to stop this habit of mine.I have stopped .Believe me,I am getting well soon.

Very soon,the hair of my head will rise & shine -more than ever before !

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