Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Silky smooth care

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Sanchita was awake .She was tired.All that trekking had worn her down.She was happy that she had been able  to go on that trek.It was a robust performance by her.Moreover no deadlines,phone calls,no net,no chaos.It was so perfect !

She was in a cab.Very soon ,she alighted from cab.Paid the cab driver .Rang the doorbell.Her mom opened the door & hugged her ! Sanchita said,"Amma ,I am famished.Please, give me something to eat." Amma replied,"Just freshen up & I will give you idlis." Sanchita was soon on the dining table gorginf fluffy idlis with piping hot sambar.

Sanchita was heading to the bedroom for a nap when her mom surprised her," You know,your cousin is getting engaged today, in the evening .So ,please be ready as we have to leave after lunch." Sanchita was now standing in front of the mirror.She looked at herself ! She looked tanned -no ,it was not the tan.It was her hair on the arms,hands,legs & ugh ,the armpits as well ! She sighed " I wish ,I had opted for my  hair removal " .

She was shocked.There was no time to sleep.She sat thinking on the bed.There was no time to go for waxing to the parlour.The pumice stone hardly worked.She was allergic to hair removal creams.What the hell, was she going to do ? She was lost.She went & told her mom that she was not attending the engagement ceremony as she looked like a she bear !

Her mom smiled.Mom told her that she knew about a solution.She removed a razor from her purse.It was brand new.She handed it to Sanchita. Sanchita looked at the Gillete Satin Care razor.She was not so sure.Her mom said that she had been using a similar one & had just brought it for Sanchita as it had worked for her.Sanchita knew her mom was not easily convinvced. So ,Sanchita decided to try it out.

Sanchita was surprised at the smooth efficiency with which the Gillete Satin Care worked away her hair.It was painless & so smooth, just like silk ! Sanchita looked at the mirror again.She was elated to see her hairless reflection ! Gillete Satin Care had saved her .In fact ,it had made her day ! That too, in the privacy of her home.Without anyone's help.The razor had made her independent & so effectively.She felt so sexy ! Slipping into her favorite lehenga with short sleeves would be so much like a diva now ! She blushed ! Moreover, it was so easy & convenient ! Now onwards,Sanchita knew ,that Gillette Satin Care would be her constant companion !

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