Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Book Review : RIP

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RIP is Resurgent Indian Patriots ,the latest by author Mukul Deva who has written many books since 2000 .This is published by Westland Ltd. & has 286 pages.The book is neatly divided into thirteen chapters with a short  epilogue at the end.

This is a thriller & makes for a racy reading.I finished it in two days though I could have easily done it in a day.This is a story, where many scam tinted public figures -arms suppliers,civil servants,judges, politicians & their cronies are being killed .Nobody knows who is behind the killings.The home minister is breathing down the neck of Special Director,CBI -Vinod Bedi.Raghav Bhagat,an ex- para commando  is roped in, to probe into the killings by the political establishment. Reena Bhagat is a news anchor & she has her own ghosts to deal with - a bitter divorce & the custody of her child Azaan.

Colonel Krishna Athawale & his team feels, their country is being raped by scamsters. Colonel Athawale is an ex -army man .He has never been able to come to terms with the loss of his wife .Is he being disloyal when he is smitten by another lady ? Will  his son Sachin accept that  someone else as  his mother ? There is a hunger strike by a Gandhian Hazarika. Are his supporters ,involved in the murders ? The killers declare, that they are going in for the kill & aim at the target . Is killing the only way ? Will  the Government, led by Nirmal Khanna, take any action against the corrupt politicians,judges ? When will the killings stop ? Does corruption end when such scamsters get killed ? What is the way out ? Will the killers get caught as they go after the big target ? What if Raghav Bhagat beats Vinod Bedi  in unveiling the killers ? Will India ever come out of this corruption ?

RIP means that Resurgent Indian Patriots make the scamsters rest in peace by murdering them violently .The murders are meticulously planned & brilliantly executed .The killers leave no signs whatsoever -no traces of their involvement - whosoever they are !

The story is a fictional one .Still ,the references are so direct that it leaves nothing to imagination.The names of the characters ,the places & the scams they are involved in points to the real people. This makes it hilarious.Only, that the said persons are still alive & nobody has attempted to kill them.Nothing on record, that is ! The language is easy & simple.

One can easily identify with the characters, as the tale reflects the current scenario in our country & Indians feel totally let down by our political establishment.Many may feel, that the scamsters should end up with the fate of being killed as it happens in this book.

The ending suggests that the author may write a sequel later.I wish ,our nation gets what it deserves as it happened in this story.A better ruling class of people, who are honest . 


Shail Raghuvanshi said...

Hi Smaran,

Nicely written....

vasu said...

Thank you,Shail.

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