Saturday, January 12, 2013


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I am addicted to the net.I am finding it very hard to break away.I am obsessed, with what I may be missing, if I don't check what is there on  facebook,mailbox ,etc.I must break it -this habit of mine.Yet ,how to do that, is a big question.It is so convenient.In the confines of my flat ,windows have been opened to the world.I can chat  with friends on google talk,facebook & skype.I can forward & send emails .I can read them at will .In fact ,I feel one, with all my near & dear ones.

I don't think I want to ever give up on the world wide web.So ,here I was, checking my mail box after my return home from the market.This is my routine.I saw that the first one, was on humour. There were jokes which made me smile & I promptly shared  the forward with  others.Next in line, was a mail, from a former colleague.I was surprised, as my colleague had not written any personal mails so far.My curiosity aroused,I clicked to open the mail.

As I started reading it ,I froze.I pinched my self & then read & re read again.It was about the death of the only child of a colleague.I had never met the boy.His father had worked with me.Yet ,the son's death was shocking.It was very strange & not expected.The mail informed me that severe rainfall, for nearly a week, had played havoc, in the area where the boy stayed.The boy had gone, as part of a search party, to look for another friend of his.He was carried away by the overflowing waters, as he stepped by mistake , into a ditch.His friends just couldn't do anything.They tried to snatch him but the water was too powerful.It just swept him away.The friends ran along with the water which flowed furiously & failed to catch him.The night was making the search  more difficult.Next day ,his lifeless body was found, floating near the overflowing gutter.

When the parents were informed that their son had been carried away by water ,they just couldn't believe their ears.The sight of  the body, broke them down.The son had been engaged.The girl was informed & she too came in, to grieve.The boy's parents sent her away.They opined that  they will not be able to offer her anything now, that their son, is no more.

I was shocked that heavy monsoons could lead to death & that too, of someone, I know .This was so bizarre.The colleague who worked with me is one of the most gentle persons, I have known.He would never raise his voice or argue.He was very calm.He was never in any  race for promotions or wealth etc.He was happy with his fate.His wife is a home maker.Why did this happen to his son ? The answer perhaps is that the Almighty tests the best people.They will only come out of such testing times, in flying colours !

Later that week, after the monsoons had subsided,I went to their home to offer my condolences.I was unable to speak.I had no words to console them.What should I tell them ? I just sat there with my eyes staring down at the floor.I could not bear to look into the eyes of the grieving parents.Though their tears had dried up ,the agony of their lives was visible in their eyes.I left them to come to terms with their colossal loss.I trust ,time will heal their pain as well.


viva_andya said...

Hey good one. well narrated. It's hard to imagine that feeling .

Do check out mine :

vasu said...

Sure,I will.

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