Friday, February 7, 2014

Book Review : The Prophecy of Trivine

The Prophecy of Trivine is a coordinated effort by three engineers who studied in the same college.This is a surprise as it requires thinking & visualising similarly & even agreeing to the visualisation & ideas of others.This is a book divided into Prologue,20 chapters followed by Epilogue.All these are contained in 259 pages.The book came with two book marks.The book marks had the same print as is there on the  cover of the book.

The book cover,shows half a face which is silvery white with piercing blue eyes.It is a very chiseled face & a feminine one.The eye is blue.The background seems to be bluish black.On the back cover is a circle which could be the globe or the sky.It shows passing clouds & a hyena silhouette of a hyena which seems to be  wailing as the mouth is open, with canines  protruding from its mouth..Two more trees,both dried up, with no leaves,form part of the background.

This is a tale of a techie,on the run, who takes shelter in the jungle.This is also the story of a pharmacist,who is studying plants & herbs in the jungle.This is also the saga of a  person,who is a great artist.This story delves into the jungle & the happenings there.The jungle is paranormal or is it mutating ? Or maybe it is all just normal ?

What are the aims of the techie,the scientist & the artist ? Will they join hands together for making the world a better place ? Or  would they pull each other down, as that is basic human nature ?Are humans ever ready to argue,pick up a  fight and the like ? Can they ever aid & help each other ? There is someone who is keeping a watch & maybe even prompting .Who is that ? Is that real or paranormal or is it God ?Where is the world headed ?

The book is written visually .....especially the description of the forest is so vivid that one would love to explore such a jungle as described in the book.Not that it is without its inherent dangers.Still ,the beauty  of the jungle makes one feel adventurous to try it out.Telepathy & other terms like contact,teleporting make it very engrossing !

Current events are woven into the tapestry of the novel & this makes it contemporary. The language is easy & fluid.The story moves at an even pace.A little bit of humour would have been the icing on the cake ! Is paranormal same as Divine ? Not many will concur.Moreover is destruction the only option for God ? Almighty is capable of  repairing  & resurrection , isn't it ? That is what makes God so many notches above human kind.

The saga does get preachy at times.Some ideas  like  evolution of life as per the novel may be unacceptable to some.This is a good attempt to weave science fiction & magic.Trust, that very soon, cures for life threatening disease / s would  be in the novel !    

I am thankful to Storizen for this opportunity to review this sci fi fantasy.I would surely recommend this book for the vivid description of the is so good that the jungle appears to be enchanted .

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