Thursday, February 20, 2014

Car Mukesh seva

Arvind Kejriwal orders to file FIR against Mukesh Ambani, Veerappa Moily....Headline in Economic Times dt.12th Feb,2014.

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I hope this FIR that Arvind Kejriwal is threatening doesn't distract Mukesh Ambani from the serious business of running the country.

Cars to get cheaper as FM slashes duty.....Headline in Times of India dt.18th Feb,2014.

Earlier this week,Government  announced the interim budget .It enumerated  huge discounts on SUVs,cars,two wheelers etc.Ambani who is extracting gas is selling to Government at exorbitant rates !  Not only has Government increased sorry doubled prices of natural gas  ,it is providing market for natural gas through automobile industry.By making vehicles cheaper ! Just goes to prove, that Mukesh Ambani is gung ho about gas ! This is  a win win situation for Reliance !

And a mirage for the general public ! The huge number of automobiles which will be unleashed on the roads will make the traffic worse & up the accidents ! Agreed, that population needs to kept under control Yet, this is a cruel way  of increasing vehicles on roads leading to more  accidents in which many will be killed .Many people will be maimed for life as well.A report by WHO  states that road accidents are the sixth cause of death in India.This implies more hospitalization, & socio economic losses among the young & middle aged people .This also means that there must be more emphasis on trauma care as also rehabilitation which is as good as absent, in our country.

Since real estate prices show no signs of going down,Chidambaram opines that people can stay in cars or better in SUVs.Real estate prices can reach another galaxy so that people will buy vehicles as they are affordable & not homes ! Small families consisting of husband & wife in two wheelers,three member families in autorickshaws & larger families in cars & SUVs.Those who desire larger spaces in mean machines can opt for SUVs provided they can afford the price.The  interim budget has reduced duties on luxury cars by as much as Rs.50,000.For an Audi Q 7 ,the discount is as high as 4 lacs.On second thoughts,a person can be the proud owner of not one but many vehicles !

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 The best part is that the  price of the mean machines remain the same, no matter what area it is parked in upmarket area or a downmarket slum.Anybody owning a scooter can park it in a posh suburb & that will be home ! Just one interim budget has upped the living standards of the aaam junta ! Very soon, upmarket areas will be teeming with venom venting vehicles ! That will again assist in controlling population as more & more will suffocate & die early .If not death,they will demand right to die as the air will be thick with pollutants & many will be sick with varied ailments ! In which nation ,do the voters beg for mercy killing ?

With one stroke of reduction of duties on two wheelers & four wheelers,etc,Government is going to achieve so many targets : provide mobile shelter,control population  & raise standards of living ! And lest anybody forgets, ensure that Reliance makes a fortune which is the primary  aim of the interim budget as has always been with earlier budgets- interim as also final !

Kudos to Chidamabaram & the Government for such futuristic thinking ! Thanks  to BJP for ensuring that they kept mum & refrained from asking any revealing questions ! Our country sorry people are going places ! After all , in vehicles ,people do end  up what if it is Hell ? !

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