Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Serious,....are we ? !

Many believe that I am very serious.In other words meri #ConditionSeriousHai.I am argumentative about things close to my heart.And my heart is very wide.Yet others believe that is the wild side ..nopes the whole of me...no sides ! I believe that I am good at writing though no body reads them ! The problem is, my readers ( if any ) are not serious .

The teachers & Principal of my daughter 's school are very concerned about the progress of the students of their school .My daughter is in higher secondary.My daughter &  her classmates  have to appear for  confidence tests in all subjects just  before the annual exams.I am really lost, as I am still guessing ,whose confidence is being tested ...teachers,students or parents.Truly,#ConditionSeriousHai of the school,that is ! 

While ,I worked in an Insurance company ,one record clerk in particular ,was reporting on all others, in office, to the boss.As it became apparent that #ConditionSeriousHai,the said record clerk was nicknamed office wife of the  boss !

My neighbour is always on a borrowing spree.She borrows plastic carry bags,sugar,cucumbers,potatoes,onions,ginger,money ,etal.She is non -discriminatory in all this. She borrows cash  from the electrician,maid,neigbour,plumber in fact from all in the society.They all run for cover as soon as they spot her as uski #ConditionSeriousHai !  

One of my friends is a cleanliness freak.She feels I am unclean about my house & the like.She cleans her shelves,doors,windows,fans,all knick-knacks on a daily basis.She believes her house is dust free. She offered to cleanup my safety door as repeated pleas from her had not had the necessary effect on me.She tiptoes into  my house as she is afriad of getting her clean feet covered with dust & grime.It is debatable if her feet are getting dirty or my floor is getting dirtier ? ! She orders outside food stuff often.What I cannot follow is how squeaky clean people can eat unhygenic & unhealthy food ? Outside food ,even if cooked in starred restaurants is suspect as regards hygiene as also nutrition.Just suffice to say, that mere friend ki #ConditionSeriousHai. 

My dad practises yoga.He hardly reads & yet has brought numerous books on yoga.He has even gifted yoga books to yoga practitioners in the neighbourhood.Whenever he sees any kid sitting in any pose ,he exclaims,"See how flexible is his body .I cannot do this even now, after so much practice." I sigh ,as I realise #ConditionSeriousHai. 

Laptop,smartphone,I pad,etc are all scattered around my brother at all times.As soon as he gets up ,even before brushing his teeth,he puts his laptop on.Next, he will check his smartphone.Whenever he steps out ,the moment he spots a mobile phone shop,he enters it & grills the salespeople there He leaves them fuming as he rarely purchases anything.By now , all mobile phones sales personnel in the city know  that my brother ki #ConditionSeriousHai.

She is a regular at yoga as also the gym.Yet, she skips  shavasana as she cannot be still.Ever ! Yes, uski #ConditionSeriousHai.She is hyperactive to the core ! She drives me crazy & she is a neighbour who regards me as a friend.In fact,her whole family ka #ConditionSeriousHai.Hubby visits India every alternate month & is in the society committee.At home ,he has old parents who need care.And yet, hubby & wife are busy with their exercises,society meetings & the like. Kids are enrolled in classes round the clock 24X7.

Some time back ,a survey was done which concluded that Indians never take breaks from work ! It was opined that Indians ka #ConditionSeriousHai.Nothing could be further from the truth.As work is a paid holiday more often than not,who needs breaks ? ! Why do you think ,we make upmteen trips to & fro from shops,banks,offices & the like ? Work gets done ( that is if it ever gets done ) only after numerous visits.This remains the same, even if the bank is a private bank ,private sector insurance company etc.So much for customer (dis)service !
Selfie was the most word of the year gone by .The social media has been flooded by potraits of all & sundry by themselves ! Now facebook has gone ahead & allowed users to make movies from the information on their timelines ! All are stars now .Facebook wants all to stick to it just as the reports started trickling in that  many are leaving facebook.So this movie trick & how we all fell for it hook ,line & sinker ! Now, if this is not #ConditonSeriousHai,what is ? ! If facebook can be labelled as a condition or maybe, the condition ! ?

1510880_719979911367771_656861306_n.jpg (851×315)

This post ka #ConditionSeriousHai as I will now let it loose on the net...vide email,social media & twitter.I would stalk all,by telling them to like comment & share ! I will take breaks  by biting into Cadbury 5 Star Bars which are so handy .They simply melt in the mouth & make life less serious.Now only  if Cadbury & Oglivy could agree that this blog post ka#ConditionSeriousHai as this is an earnest desire to be declared as the winner !

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