Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine : The List !

There is love in the air ! Of course,all of us can sense it ! The media is overflowing  with advertisements of special offers for V day ,how can anyone miss it ?  I am all for Valentine's day. Atleast on one day ,we can profess our love unbashedly & openly.On other days,we cannot do so for fear of reprisals.Look, what happened when Penguin India professed its love for " The Hindus " by Wendy Doniger !

Funny Valentines Day Comics Randy Glasbergen   Todays Cartoon Wallpaper
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Times  change & so do Valentines.As I read on a T shirt "Love remains the change ."I am listing out the list of probable Valentines of ordinary  & extraordinary Indians.

Arvind Kejriwal : His Valentine currently is the Jan Lokpal Bill which he wants passed by the Lok Sabha or he threatens to dare the Congress to pull off support.Earlier,his valentine was BJP,Congress,Sheila Dixit,etal.His next valentine on the list is Mukesh Ambani followed neck to neck by Moily. Arvind Kejriwal loves to hate all these Valentines !

BJP : Their current Valentine is Narendra Modi & chai-in any order.BJP is completely behind Namo so much so that they have lost the plot ! Love makes you blind & this one is the perfect example of that.BJP is busy defending Namo or offending anyone & everyone who raises even the tip of the finger in the direction of Namo.

Congress : Rahul Gandhi urf Shahjaza .The condition of Congress is such that  it has gone blind ,deaf & dumb in love .Congress says something.Next Rahul Gandhi goes public with his views .Congress goes into repair mode & retracts back all that was supposedly the party's stand earlier ! Why can't they just check with the PM in waiting before declaring anything? This is needed as otherwise how can we witness PDA by Congress for its Prince ?

Narendra Modi : Namo remains unimpressed by the likes of Meghna Patel who  posed with just lotus petals & a placard & urged all to vote for Namo.Chai or tea is Namo's Valentine.As he has been ridiculed as a chaiwala,he is proving that  his love is loyal.To the chai, that is.After all in our Bharat all work gets done by chai paani.Now that chai is there ,Namo needs paani to get things moving .Towards the throne, that is.

Aamir Khan : The second season of Satyamev Jayate .Reoprts say  that shooting was stalled as Aamir was crying so much that the studios were flooded & shoots were cancelled.Aamir is overwhelmed by his Valentine.Just shows how sincere  is Aamir in love,  just like his acting in the movies.

Salman Khan : Being Human,his NGO.Very admirable except that he wants all to have Being Human as their Valentine as well ! Noticed how all of Bollywood walked the ramp for Being Human ! This is  love for Valentine in true filmy style.After all ,style follows bhai.

Shah Rukh Khan : Chennai Express .Actually ,King Khan would love Rohit Shetty to be his Valentine but since Section 377 stands restored,he cannot openly admit having a male Valentine!

Deepika Padukone : Box office. Giving three  hits in a year has confirmed that Deepika has box office as her valentine.Move over Ranbir,Ranvir,etal.Who needs them, when Box Office embraces Deeps openly & in full public view ? !

Myself : My writing is my Valentine.Only that my writing is lost in my love so much so that it is devoid of expressions & it shows ! In readership that is .Since,I cannot copy bhai & coerce all near & dear ones to read my blog posts, I have to keep viewing my blog posts to exponentially increase views ! Love is indeed  hard work. No one knows it better than me.

My hubby : Share market ....BSE,NSE,NYSE,in fact, any market which is rising & gives him an exponential increase in the value of  shares.All this is notional cuts no ice with him ! After all, love is an emotional  notion .

My brother : His Valentine is I-phone.He is always holding on to it...come rain or shine.He is in awe of it ,all the time.Keeps telling all, how indispensable it is ! His eyes twinkle when he talks about the I phone ! He has eyes only for the I phone & nothing else !

This list is by no means exhaustive.It is subject to change depending on the circumstances & other things .After all ,everything is subject to change, even love.So the Valentines will change  & soon ! Watch this space !


Afshan Shaik said...

Myself part was interesting of all :)
a cool list!
All the best for this year

Vasudha Rao said...

Thank you ,Afshan !

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