Thursday, September 10, 2009

Copter crash.

Suddenly this thought of writing on YSR's death came to me.Maybe, it was not so sudden- it became more concrete on reading an article about his "contributions "to so many "c"s- corruption,conversion, collection of funds for the party,cohabitation with Naxals,etal.

YSR had been warned about the copter that it was in no good condition as also about the weather that was not too conducive for flight but he just went ahead endangering himself as well as others who died with him.But then being a politician,endangering other's lives is just a daily or maybe a perennial pastime for the likes of YSR.But the moot question is, what sin/s had the others committed that they also died in the copter crash with YSR ?

There is no need to state the endless list of crimes committed by YSR for obvious reasons.About the unfortunate people who died because they were accompanying him,there was not even an obituary in the media.Then, why did they have to meet such a gory death ?

I recall a story shown on the idiot box -I forget the name of the serial-Katha or Ek Kahani.The story is about a group of persons stranded on a stormy rainy night under a shelter.The group consists of some four to five men,a child & a woman.The men are abusing the woman as they allege that she is an unwed mother.The lightning keeps striking the ground near the shelter just missing the shelter many times.The men keep screaming at the woman telling her to leave the shelter as they feel that the lightning will next strike the shelter & they will all die.They keep telling her that her sin is responsible for the lightning striking so close . The woman keeps clinging to her child -now the child just breaks free from the mother & goes out to get drenched.The mother shouts & also runs behind the child under the open sky.Just at that moment,a stroke of lightning strikes the shelter burning the shelter to ashes.All are dead, except, the woman & the child.

Almighty has conveyed a message -that the death of so many persons along with with YSR was justified because of the severity & the enormity of the crimes committed. Even Jesus appears to have approved.

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Secured People to People lending - P2P Lending said...

Absolutely sad that the others had to unnecessarily die in the copter crash also worst that others too chose to shed their lives after their "HERO".

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