Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The trust of the Tatas.

I have been watching the TATA tea advertisement for quite some time & have come to the conclusion that Tatas inspire trust in all of us.

The new advertisement by TATA tea is against corruption & so catchy- I am sure,it has caught your fancy as well ! Their earlier advertisement was for registering voters- actually encouraging people to register as voters & they had an online campaign as well.I am certain that many did vote because of the advertisement.The advertisement ran like this "Agar election ke din aap vote nahi kar rahe to aap so rahein hain."

The TATAS are also running SCIP( Second Career Internship Program for women ) for those who left their jobs after marriage,child birth et al.This is the second year for them.I had also applied but as they had got better candidates who fitted the bill,I lost.But mind you,TATAS mailed me their book" The creation of wealth -THE TATA STORY " by R.M.Lala about how TATAS created wealth for a nation.It is a real eye opener -at least it was for me.This year also,I did apply for the said program but again,they got better candidates but they were so nice that they sent me a letter informing about it. I was overwhelmed !

I have learnt that TATAS have been instrumental in reviving the silk weaving industry of Benares & now all staff at their hotels wear benares silk sarees.They started many indusrties & Universities ,etc-in fact, you name it & they were pioneers.The Indian Institute of population Sciences,The Tata Institute of social Welfare,the Tata memorial Hospital,are just a few of the institutions they started & nurtured over the years till the Government took over them.Moreover,they never boast about the wealth they possess as everything is held in the form of trusts.The TATAS truly believe in practicing the trusteeship system advocated by the Mahatma.

So many corporate houses have tried to pretend that they stand for trust but few have succceeeded like the TATAS.

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