Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The upbringing of a scientist


My daughter has discovered a new love- science.She loves to read her EVS ( environmental science) text book as also the notes.She even adores her EVS teacher in spite of the fact that she is short tempered & raises the cane as also her hands occasionally.

My daughter avidly watches a show on the idiot box titled,"Backyard Science."It is aired on Hungama as well as Disney channels at varying times in the morning hours as also in the evenings.She watches the program whenever she can which is at all the times it is aired.I would not mind this as at least she is watching something sensible but then she starts replicating the simple experiments they have demonstrated on the show.

She is young compared to the teenagers shown on the show but she refuses to accept that & proceeds with the crazy antics.And most often than not ends up crying as she opines that,"I am not able to do that as they showed ."She is forever using scissors,tape,paper,cardboard,sketchpen,etal.Actually,all this scientific experiments are costing me the earth.If you ever are able to watch the said show,you will be shocked to notice that it is very anti green! They seem to be on an eternal spree of cutting paper,cardboard,strings-thin & thick & what have you but my kid thinks otherwise.My kid has also started calling up her dad to apprise him of various things he needs to buy her for her experiments as she finds that I am generally in a non-cooperation mode.This has sent my phone bills spiraling.Also,the mess in which I find the room or rather rooms after the so called exercise in exploration & discovery just makes me scream.My kid believes that her mom is there to pick up all the trash after her experimental forays.

My daughter opines that the show explains various scientific reasons in a very simplified manner. Though I agree with this ,my miidle class attitude blinds me to all good points of the show because of the financial implications .

I have decided to tell my hubby to invest in companies which manufacture paper,tapes,cardboard,scissors,felt pens,et al so that the money which has been spent in buying an endless supplies of stationery is partly reimbursed if not completely.

I am very doubtful of whatever dividends this show will reap for my kid in terms of devloping a scientific temper but I am certain that I have started disliking science with a vengeance.

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Aarti said...

The latest post on the blog is delightful. I liked the observations about Harini; she must be a sharp observant kid. I don't think any cost of a young child's exploratory mind is too steep. Let her have her fun.. better still, tell her to recycle stuff, as my daughter proudly tells me she does. She often does leave the trash for me to collect though!

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