Saturday, September 5, 2009


Today is teacher's day,the birthday of our ex-President Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan.

I think anybody can be our Guru,anybody who teaches us some lesson -even our own life by circumstances it gives rise to as also by showing us examples as we traverse this journey.

While in school,I was influenced by my teachers- namely the English teacher.She was just perfect to sum up all.She taught us with a passion & today whatever I am able to write is all due to her efforts as a teacher.I met her later, when she was the Principal of the school where my kid studied but that was too brief.She had the same enthusiasm for her job even on the verge of retirement.I was quite embarrassed by my kids antics in front of her but she was delighted to meet me & my kid after a long hiatus.I hope to visit her sometimes later when I travel to the metro wherein she resides now.

In college, for my graduation ,I had another teacher who would be amused at my clumsiness in practicals of chemistry but she was rather fond of me.But I disappointed her by just managing a first class. She had thought that I was slated for a higher score.I met her years later at the beach & she was happy to see me with my family. I even met her kids & she looked the same - full of affection.

At the law college,most of the lecturers were only teachers for part of the time.The rest of the time ,they were busy in the courts.But they still managed to inspire us.I had joined coaching for public services exams with one lecturer who was a solicitor also.He was an institution in himself.He taught us taxation & was superb in his subject.Also,he was up to something new & interesting in his classes.I never cleared the public services exams but managed to complete my law.I met him recently & he made tea for me ! Really,that moment -I will cherish for ever.He was kind enough to advice me,"Please never go in for a job just because they are paying well.Think of the people you will be working with."As,I asked for his mobile number,he said,"I never keep a mobile.People call you on the mobile at their convenience which may be inconvenient for us."
I do intend keeping in touch with my gurus till I can.This is so as I think,we all need Gurus to lead us in life.

I am certain,I will meet more people who will be teachers in my life hereafter even though it was never meant to be in that typical guru-shishya parampara.I would like to add a couplet of Kabir on the need for Gurus,"Guru gobind dou khade,kake laagun paay,balihari guru aapne jo Gobind diyo bataye" -Kabir sings"When Guru & God are both there,whose feet should I touch ( first)-the feet of the  Guru, as he ( she ) only made me aware of God."This paean is the ultimate on the prime position of Guru in our lives.


priyanka's said...

I loved this write up.. esp the last line...

Yes.. its true that we imbibe a lot of things from our teachers when we r in school/college... they inspire us..

and when we r out of study-life... from some ppl around us.

So in essence, they also become our gurus though they arent teachers by profession.

So, here's wishing Happy Teacher's Day to everyone!



After that warm response from Priyankaji, I should have kept away from writing a comment... especially since what I'm going to write might enrage So-Called TEACHERS.

I went to Kanyakumari (in 1970, having written my MBBS exams and didn't wish to face my parents till results were out.,, this way or that way!). Had no chalked out plan & a clutch of Traveller's Cheques. My plans were to spend as few chips as possible and interact with as many people as I could. It was in those 25 days that I met my 'TEACHERS BY CHANCE'.

At Kanyakumari I took a ferry to VIVEKANADA MEMORIAL ROCK. Before boarding the ferry boat I invested my last saving (that wasn't a lot) on a boy who painted names on sea-shells. I gave him a sentence to write. He began his work right away. I'd paid in advance lest he should feel cheated. I took my piece but asked him to add two comas. He said he felt shy to ask, yet he would ask me what the sentence meant. I just said, "You were THE inspiration behind the sentence I suggested. If you don't understand, it's OK."

To this day, the piece is neatly placed in the home of my in-laws, all of whom are TEACHERS BY CHOICE... not by CHANCE, mind you.

The two-liner goes as follows:



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