Monday, September 7, 2009


Last evening during my walking,I met an acquaintance.She had been abroad for the last two-three months.I began my conversation by asking about her trip abroad.She told me,"Well,my trip was just too good.In UK,it was summer time & the weather was just excellent.Moreover as there is no pollution there,I came back with my inhalers intact."She then stated that she was asthmatic.

Now,this lady is a medical professional.But she is the one who will buy & burn the maximum crackers this side of the town.Nobody needs to tell her what havoc the highly toxic smoke of the fire crackers play with anybody's breath-least of all,an asthmatic patient but to no avail.Really,what can you expect from a person who endangers her own health this way ?And that too who is in a profession which is to provide medical care to others ?

This is the same person who is talking about non-pollution in another nation.Really,how can people have such double standards-one for themselves & another completely opposite for others? How can a person expect that others should care about your health when you are yourself exposing your body to dangers ?

For each & every thing, the rule of law does not work.For some things,people have to come forward & do policing themselves.If we omit to do the least minimum tasks voluntarily,then we all are only fit to be ruled by a military junta.

Hopefully, many people are unlike the lady here.That is why,the Indians rejected the emergency.So,let us all come together & do our bit for the society-pool the cars,use public transport ,protect public property, reduce & ultimately eliminate lighting up fire crackers( anyway it is only money going up in smoke literally)et al.This will also stabilize our tax burden if not reduce it.But maybe I am barking up the wrong tree.

All this needs to be done by the upper echelons of our society as the middle class is already doing it anyway.But let us all middle class members remember to continue with all this even as we move up the economic ladder.

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