Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Siree( Kannada for saree).

As I started getting ready to go to haldi kumkum in the Navratrii just a day before,I was in two minds.Should I wear a dress or drape a siree ? I am always fumbling when I have to wear a siree as I am not at all used to it. I am always in salwar kameez or churidaar though I have got one or two sets of trousers also now, well past my youth.

Draping a siree becomes a long drawn exercise as the various other pieces of clothingthat complete the saree ensemble that is the blouse & the petticoat are in numerous places.Also,they have to match as well.Moreover,the blouse after years may not fit me.Yeah,I wear a siree so rarely that the turn of a siree may come once in ayear or maybe after two to three years. So the exercise becomes a chore & then I discover, that the blouse & saree are not ironed.

The problem is my numerous attempts at adjusting the saree should leave some scope for spic- spac appearance & this is only possible if they are ironed.I keep putting the pallu in place like all neatly appearing women do but but I can manage only a shabby one.It does not have the evenly proportioned pleats like those of others.I still wonder how they do it.But one lady who was my colleague,always had a very different way of wearing her pallu -the rear side of the pallu would be prominently displayed from the front pallu.But she carried her look of the pallu so confidently, that every other women who wore it the right way, would doubt if she had got her pallu right.

Finally for the haldi kumkum,I wore a siree as I got all the complete set in time & without much of a search.I managed it for half an hour as I had put some safety pins in places..I was glad to change into my churidaar for my evening walk.Now,if only sarees would be available like a ready made dress with pleats,pallu et al ! Then,maybe, I would wear it more often.

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