Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Death of a terrorist..

Ishrat Jahan was murdered in cold blood is the verdict of the magisterial enquiry.We all should hang ourselves because some police personnel killed some persons who were innocent just because they wanted promotions ! Really,where is this greed taking us all ? The greed to get richer,to acquire more assets,to go up faster et al.

Earlier, one Shaikh was murdered in another encounter in Gujarat by the same set of police officers.The justification being offered by the Gujarat spokesperson is that all these killed people were associated with crime .But is death in encounters the only punishment for any crime even theft or dacoity or extortion ? The punishment ought to be reasonable as against the crime commited.In the said cases,extortion cases also were punished by death & that too without giving any chance to the accused to put up their case.So, there was no trial-just punishment.There was not even a pretence of a trial.

Now,it has come to light that the home ministry ( Central Government ) had filed an affadavit that Ishrat Jahan was a terrorist.All allegations & counter allegations will fly all over but will Ishrat Jahan's family be able to handle all this ? Moreover,the bitterness against Modi & his brand of politics will reach the peak.What all this has done is vitiate the atmosphere for the minorities all the more . They may never trust us for ages to come & we have only ourselves to blame as we watched dumbly as innocents were butchered in encounter after encounter.Actually,the trouble is that there is a very thin dividing line between terrorism & terror by the State .We should, therefore, learn to separate the two & demand that the State implement the rule of law.As Nani Palkhivala used to say so often,"Justice should not only be done but seen to be done."

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