Friday, September 11, 2009


Apprapos this news in the Times of India "Flying biz class helps us work better:Pawar"

This is the best joke so far- our ministers would have us believe that in economy class,passengers are constantly interfering & hence no file work gets completed by them.Really,our ministers are in power because of these passengers who voted for them.It is said that public memory is short but our ministers beat us at this as well, as they have the shortest memories.

Our ministers are in all probability, only working while they are on flight & not otherwise - in such circumstances,the protest against austerity is understandable. On second thoughts,many of us would be thankful if ministers excused themselves & their cronies from working as other than abusing and or misusing power,they are good at nothing.Moreover,if ministers are asked to be frugal with public expenditure,we are asking for the moon !They are in that job ( service of the people that is ) for wasting public money -so how can they give up that ? If they do,they will lose the very reason of their existence! Moreover ,we the public who are so habituated to the ostentatious life of our ministers,that in all probability ,we will die of shock !

Earlier,Tharoor & Krishna were told to move from five star hotels where they were residing.Tharoor, of all the people, stating that in Kerela house,there was no gym & no privacy & hence he was averse to shifting there takes the cake.Does he forget that he is holding public office ?In such a case,the rule is no privacy.What about us ordinary citizens,who have no option about moving anywhere- privacy,gym or otherwise because we are grounded on terra firma.

Our mantris want the masses to adore them for votes but when it comes to even a pretense of any virtues,they want to have privacy from it all !

We would like to believe that Tharoor & Krishna paid out of their pockets for the five star stay but, then, are they complaining because, others got away with public expenses for personal gratification ?Moreover,if the likes of Tharoor & Krishna are unable to control their personal expenditure,how can they be trusted with public money.Of course,the reverse, is not workable either, that is, in our country.

We know that there are two diametrically opposite rules -one for the masses & another for the mantris.But we will steer the nation out of this recession in spite of the greed of our representatives as always.

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